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Digital Occlusal Splints Townsville

Occlusal splints, also known as ‘Night Guards’, are removable dental appliances that are customised to fit your teeth either on the upper or lower arch, to reduce/ treat night grinding/ bruxism. It is generally recommended for people who grind their teeth/ patients with extensive dental treatment/ patients with dental implants.

Bruxism is a condition when a person grinds their teeth and clenches their jaw muscles during sleep. This is an involuntary habit. The reason for this condition is unknown, but stress plays a major role. Bruxism is a very common occurrence and often individuals are unaware of their habit. People also go through phases of severe grinding and remission.

Bruxism causes upper and lower teeth to wear against each other and leads to gradual shortening and chipping of the biting surfaces of teeth. This is called attrition and can cause sensitivity. Bruxism can also cause damage to gums, jaw bones, soreness of jaw muscles, TMJ problems, headaches and disturbed sleep.

An occlusal splint is a slim hard acrylic/ polycarbonate guard fitted to the upper/lower teeth. It is designed to be worn at night and/or during high stress work. The splint does not stop you from grinding or clenching. It does guide the lower jaw to a neutral position that relieves some pressure on the joint and protects teeth from destructive forces.

At Health Precinct, our 3Shape scanner is used to make a digital scan of your jaw and design splints.

Talk to us about occlusal splints at your dental appointment.