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Contact sports can be quite aggressive and can cause trauma to teeth. Mouth guards act as a protective jacket to protect teeth by distributing traumatic forces that can  cause potential damage.

A simple chip on the tooth, that needs a small filling patch, can potentially cause nerve damage over time demanding a root canal and a crown. If a root canal fails, extraction of the tooth becomes the only option, finally needing a denture or implant. All these expensive treatments can be avoided by using a ‘Custom Fit Mouth Guard’.

There are many types of mouth guards, from over-the-counter products to professionally fitted custom guards. The Australian Dental Association recommends custom fit ted professionally made mouth guards as it considers the self-fitted to offer inadequate protection. A lifetime cost of dental injuries justifies the expense of good protection to prevent injury in the first place.

A custom fitted mouth guard is made by us at Health Precinct. An alginate impression is taken to replicate your jaw into a plaster model. Custom fitting allows the dentist to accurately assess your mouth and provide the best fit, size, coverage and thickness of the mouth guard. Custom made mouth guards are comfortable and allows you to talk, does not restrict your breathing and offers maximum resistance against getting dislodges.

An over-the-counter mouth guard can be cheap, but can be uncomfortable to wear and may not fit perfectly. Poorly fitting mouth guards do not offer adequate protection and increase the risk of dental damage due to trauma. They may also get dislodged whilst playing/ talking and harbour bacteria due to poor material quality. Some studies place their degree of protection only slightly better than wearing no mouth guards at all.

Mouth guards that are made at Health Precinct are reviewed every 12 monthly to ensure good fit. Sometimes mouth guards need to be replaced if major changes occur to teeth, like restorations or adult teeth coming through. Children undergoing orthodontic treatment might need frequent replacements of braces.