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Health Precinct uses cutting edge technology to scan your teeth into a 3D virtual image and plan digitally to restore the worn dentition. The latest software is used by our lab associates to plan your new smile. This gives us an opportunity to perform efficiently.

Your smile make over can be either done with composite restorations/ veneers or with ceramic veneers and crowns. Orthodontic intervention (hyperlink to Orthodontic page) / gingival recontouring (hyperlink to gum treatment page) might be needed in a few cases to achieve better treatment outcomes.

Talk to us about digital smile designing at your next appointment.


Gradual wear of the occlusal surfaces of teeth is a normal process. However, excessive occlusal wear can result in dental nerve damage, change in bite, inefficient chewing and aesthetic disfigurement. This can be due to abrasion, attrition, erosion, abfraction or a combination of all. Identifying the cause can be difficult, but is important to eliminate the factor causing the excessive wear, in turn changing the bite.

Initial consultations includes a good medical and dental evaluation. After doing a thorough examination and treating the gingival conditions, X-rays would be taken to assesses and make an appropriate diagnosis. Assessment of the vertical dimension is important for the management and comprehensive treatment planning for each individual case. Articulated study casts and a diagnostic wax-up can provide important information which is helpful for the evaluation of treatment options. Tolerance of changes to vertical dimension of occlusion is usually confirmed with the clinical evaluation of the patient having a diagnostic splint or provisional prosthesis.

Clinical evaluation of the adaptation to the removable occlusal overlay splint/provisional restorations for 2-6 months helps us assess the new vertical dimension and planning for permanent treatment options. Any discomfort or muscle fatigue represents an unacceptable bite. New crowns are fabricated mostly to standardized aesthetic golden proportions of anterior teeth.

Oral rehabs can be done with both removable (hyperlink to dentures page) and fixed options of crowns (hyperlink to crowns page) and implants (hyperlink to Implant page) to suit your requirements and budget.  Talk to us about the Oral Rehab- Smile make over during your dental consultation at Health Precinct.