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Teeth whitening has never been more accessible here at Health Precinct. Teeth whitening is the use of bleaching agents to lighten the shade/colour of the teeth. The normal colour of teeth varies from off-white to yellow. However, teeth may have various colours due to the following reasons:


  1. Surface stains due to habits such as mouth breathing, or life style (eg: red wine, smoking, coffee, tea, diet – coloured food)
  2. Age
  3. Medications such as antibiotics
  4. Chromogenic bacteria on teeth
  5. Poor oral hygiene with irregular brushing and flossing
  6. Excessive use of chlorhexidine based mouth wash
  7. Dental problems such as decay, previous dental trauma causing tooth non vitality, previous root canal treatment, calculus deposits
  8. Excessive fluoride during early childhood causing mottling of enamel
  9. Malformed teeth

Discoloured teeth due to ageing and surface staining responds better to whitening procedures. Only a dentist is qualified to assess you correctly and provide whitening treatment to safely ensure the best possible results.

Realistic expectations are necessary as most patients have whiter teeth after the treatment, but may not have whitened as much as you hoped for. Teeth yellowed, due to medications and trauma responds unexpectedly and the final outcome cannot be anticipated. Most whitening treatments lasts for 1-3 years and might need re-doing for top ups. Life style changes do play a considerable role in maintaining the result.


After a professional clean, we make casts of your teeth by taking a quick impression. This is used by our in-house lab to fabricate a customised bleaching tray that fits your teeth. These trays are designed to hold the bleaching gel over teeth while avoiding the gum area. This makes them way superior to the over-the-counter whitening systems. We, the dental team at Health Precinct, carefully choose the strength of whitening gel specifically for you. Instructions are given for optimal results. Remember, it takes at least a couple weeks for you to notice results.

Over the counter whitening systems can be purchased at pharmacies, beauticians or local supermarkets. We do not recommend them as they are not on par with the products that are used at Health Precinct. Whitening results may be variable. Over the counter whitening systems can potentially damage teeth and gums due to lack of professional supervision.


In the chair whitening can be a very fast and effective procedure to whiten your teeth by at least 6-8 shades during a 90 minute procedure. The dentist here at Health Precinct uses ZOOM whitening to initiate the gel to bleach the teeth. This is great for sensitive teeth as the dentist closely monitors throughout the procedure.

Teeth are professionally cleaned and polished first. We protect your lips, cheeks and gums with a rubber seal gel. Bleaching gel is then applied on tooth surfaces. A very high intensity light is shone on the teeth that quickens the whitening procedure. The whole procedure takes around 90 mins and it comprises of 4 whitening session and a desensitising session of 15 mins each. Zoom offers a high quality whitening that lasts a fair while. Good oral hygiene and regular professional cleaning and occasional bleaching can keep your teeth whiter for life. Your smile may benefit from other restorative treatment such as veneers and replacement of old fillings/ crowns.

A take home complimentary kit is offered to patients that get zoom whitening.

Internal Bleaching

Internal staining can discolour teeth from the inside out when a tooth has undergone root canal treatment. Essentially, the affected tooth is accessed through an existing filling, and a bleaching agent is inserted directly inside the tooth. Bleach is left inside the tooth for a short period of time before being removed. This may take several appointments depending on the extent of the staining. Once the tooth is whitened, a permanent restoration is done. However, it is recommended to get a veneer or a crown for a more predictable result.


Even though whitening is quite safe under professional supervision, they do carry some degree of risk. Side effects of the procedure includes the following, but not restricted to:

  1. Pain and sensitivity of teeth
  2. Sensitivity to hot and cold
  3. Short term sensitivity to air against teeth
  4. Sore or irritated gums
  5. Whitened patched on the gums/ inner side of cheeks
  6. Mouth ulcers
  7. Sore throat
  8. Nausea, if the agent is accidently swallowed.

Most side effects are easy to treat. Topical application of desensitizing tooth paste/fluoride /tooth mousse addresses the sensitivity issue. Pain reliever’s sorts out the irritation.

Over the counter whitening products are cheaper but can potentially damage teeth and gums that may be expensive to repair. Unsupervised long term use of OTC whitening agents increase the risk of such side effects.