• Grind your teeth at night time?
  • Are your teeth chipped and worn down?
  • Sore jaw, headaches?
  • An occlusal splint might be an ideal option for you!

What is an Occlusal Splint?

Occlusal splints, also known as ‘Night Guards’, are removable dental appliances that are customised to fit your teeth either on the upper or lower arch, to treat night grinding (bruxism). Occlusal splints are generally recommended for people who grind their teeth and patients with extensive dental treatment such as crowns, veneer and dental implants.

An occlusal splint is a slim, hard acrylic or polycarbonate guard that is designed to be worn at night and/or during high stress work.

The splint does not stop you from grinding or clenching, but it does guide the lower jaw to a neutral position that relieves some pressure on the joint and protects teeth from destructive forces.

Ode to Bruxism

I don’t believe that worn down teeth
Are caused by chewing bread and meat
But rather come from state of mind
In persons of the bruxic kind
Who with a worn and a troubled head
Take all their problems off to bed
And rather than attempt to treat them
They literally try to eat them.

I grind my teeth at night time, will this damage my teeth?

Bruxism is a condition where a person grinds their teeth and clenches their jaw muscles during sleep.

This is an involuntary habit. The reason for this condition is unknown, but stress can play a major role.

Bruxism is a very common occurrence and often individuals are unaware of their habit.

Bruxism causes upper and lower teeth to wear against each other and leads to gradual shortening and chipping of the biting surfaces of teeth.

This is called attrition and can cause sensitivity.

Bruxism can also cause damage to gums, jaw bones, soreness of jaw muscles, TMJ problems, headaches and disturbed sleep.

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