• Treat infected teeth and eliminate pain
  • Relieves pressure associated with dental abscess
  • Keep your natural teeth and avoid extraction
  • Payment plans available

When a tooth becomes infected, is traumatised or develops a crack into the nerve chamber, this can cause a lot of pain and sometimes an abscess can form.

A root canal procedure involves cleaning the infection out of the tooth to relieve pain and remove the abscess, and is usually completed over 2-3 visits.

By having a root canal completed, you are able to retain your own teeth, avoiding an extraction.

How long does it take?

The time taken to complete a root canal depends entirely on the tooth; how many roots it has, the difficulty of negotiating these roots, and the level/extent of infection that was present to start with.

Appointment times vary from 45-90 mins, and usually 2-3 of these are required to complete the procedure.

The reason for multiple visits is to allow time for the medication placed inside the tooth at the first visit to begin to kill off the bacteria that have caused the infection.

Once the root canal is completed, will my tooth be back to normal?


in that, your tooth should no longer cause you pain, and you should be able to return to chewing on it like usual.

However, because of the nature of the root canal procedure, your tooth will be slightly weakened once the infection has been cleared out, making it brittle and prone to fracture under heavy forces.

For this reason, a crown is almost always recommended to protect the tooth from any further damage, and to strengthen the tooth so it can return to function normally without risk of breaking.

Dr Vik and Dr Olivia will discuss this with you at your appointment, and will recommend the best time to have the crown placed following your root canal procedure.

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