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We must do everything we can to save the CDBS.

svWFytcswSqVRUp-800x450-noPad Having reviewed the slower-than-expected uptake of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, the Federal Health Minister has made several comments in the last week that indicate that the government does not intend to finance the CDBS in the upcoming budget, effectively axing the scheme. This is despite the admission of government that promotion of the scheme to eligible families was inadequate.  With government only funding around 22% of the total expenditure for dental services, removal of the CDBS without a clearly-articulated replacement in mind means greater out-of-pocket expenses for the parents of eligible children, or more likely, less frequent visits to the dentist. Not a good result for anyone.

The ADA is lobbying government at a ministerial level but this will prove even more effective if it is supported by a groundswell of voters voicing their displeasure at the axing of the CDBS to the government. This means you, your family, friends and patients need to do everything they can to sway decision makers.

To help you achieve this, the ADA has created a petition on which we implore you to circulate as extensively as possible.


Team Health Precinct is happy to help you make a dental appointment for your child at the earliest.